Speaker on WordCamp Skopje 2019 #2

Honor and pleasure to be part of WordCamp Skopje 2019 #2 and speak about “Best Principles in UI/UX Web Design”.

Enjoyed in the event who had a great organization and audience. I hope that you enjoyed in my presentation and had a great time on this event.

So proud and glad to hear different experiences and opinions from another great speakers, meeting and talked with them because we share the same local community.

Thank you to WordCamp Skopje and Webpigment for this chance and special thanks to Emilija Trajkovska my colleague and my friend for endless support!

Until to next time!

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@ Факултет за информатички науки и компјутерско инженерство (ФИНКИ)

Best Principles in UI/UX Web Design.
User interface and user experience are primary areas of consideration, when web sites and apps are in the process of being created.
While web sites and apps developers can certainly help in this regard though that are overly focused on extraneous issues need to be aware for business and following several tips and pointers.
The level of success that the average software product is able to achieve is dependent on the user interface and user experience.