My 2020 retrospective

Only 1 more day until we says 2020 goodbye. Honestly, it was a weird year with this pandemic Covid-19 and who would have thought on it? In our real life as from the movies.
I have some big achievements, which makes it my best year so far. So, I’m taking the time to reflect on all of the achievements 🏆 and fails 💩 through this post.

Achievements 🏆

I started my year working on a projects for a huge clients, well-known names in their industries.
I got to work with a super cool teams and I learned a lot, that was a great experience.
I met a lot of people, which is my colleagues, my community, mi inspiration, motivation and I appreciate them! 😇

I wanted to improve my skillset, in UX/UI Design and WordPress and I learned from a lot of courses from LinkedIn, FreeCodeCamp, Uxcel, IBM, Udemy, etc and now I can for sure share that I’m really UX/UI Designer which is based with real experience from projects with clients and their brands. 💪
You can check all my certificates at my profile on LinkedIn.

Also I redesigned my official portfolio website and started to be more focus on myself brand.
I started with posting some posts in social media (Instagram – @rosi.uxui) as knowledge, building your skills with those tips and tricks. 🤓

Also I was part of the teams which organized events and worked on the creative solutions for that events, Women In Tech Macedonia – I’m very proud to be part of women community. 😍

Got seriously into mentorship platforms as mentor, mentored some guys and now they really know their way around designing and of course I’m proud of them! 😊 – Revive | ADPList | Designed

However, at 2020 some wonderful people came into my life and some who have already grown significantly in my eyes and there are those who have successfully left my life.
I’m equally looking forward to both, and if I did somehow helped you, I will be proud of your success and progress. 😎

I finally bought my first new buddy – my car, and having your own car is seriously amazing, liberating! 😄

Fails 💩

I don’t had time for more and more, because for me the time is the thing which not be bought with money even though you have the money, but the time is the most important thing in our life. 🤦‍♀️

2021 👀

I feel that 2021 will be even better! It will be a year of recovery and improvements.
I like to raise myself higher and push myself to achieve more milestones and pursue my dreams.
I’m really looking forward to that and believe that 2021 will bring some stability and less stress. 

I have a lot of ideas in my head but more for it later! 😋

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays my people, I wish you all well in the upcoming year! 🥳